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The Bible speaks of a chief cherubim who was a beautiful shining creature in charge of music.  This creature decided he wanted to be equal with God and be worshiped as well, so God cursed him.  His names in the Bible are Satan, Lucifer, the Dragon, the Prince of the Power of the Air, the Angel of Light, the Serpent of Old and the Devil. He lied and influenced the first humans to disobey God as well, and thus was complicit in our demise.  He also influenced other angelic creatures to disobey God and they also have sought to influence humanity into sin and destruction down through history and into today.

The Bible describes Satan as an ‘angel of light.’  He is not ugly and scary.  He is beautiful and tells you what you want to hear - that you are fine as you are, that you do not need to listen to God, that God did not create you in His image, but rather you evolved from a primordial being with the help of other higher powers and that ultimately you can do what you want and are in essence - your own God.  This is the ‘light’ of Luciferianism.  But any message, belief system, higher knowledge, religion or path that tells you that you are good as you are, or that you can attain some kind of heaven, nirvana or next stage through your own goodness, path, set of steps, list of rules... is a lie.  

There is only one truth. And it is contrary to every last belief system in the world. Our sins separate us from a perfect God.  If you are less than perfect, (which we all are), then logically, you can never reach perfection by your own efforts.  So Jesus died for us and was punished for our sins so that our debt could be paid.  Then His righteous perfection can be applied to our account before God.  Those who accept Jesus death, resurrection and forgiveness for them, are seen in the eyes of God with Jesus’ perfection.  It is in this way we can have a relationship with God. Through Jesus, we have direct access to God.  Jesus is the mediator between God and people. Satan knows Jesus Christ is the one who brings freedom and eternal life to individual believers, and will one day return to earth to set everything right.  He tried throughout history to prevent Jesus from coming into the world to save it.  He is going to stop at nothing to try to prevent Jesus from returning to restore the earth to its original design.  During the Seven Years, he and his fallen angels and demons will work spiritually and physically to destroy the earth and humanity.


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