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God has created other beings that live in the universe.  They are described in the Bible as the heavenly host, angels, fallen angels, demons, rapha, watchers, elohim, spirits, principalities, powers, rulers, princes, cherubim, seraphim.  These entities exist in the spiritual realm but can also appear in physical form in the physical realm. They have a variety of physical descriptions.  Some of these entities are good and serve God, and He instructs them to help humanity. Others have rejected God and seek worship for themselves and the destruction of humanity. 

God has forbidden us from contacting them directly, though He does sometimes send them to contact us. We are to only directly seek God for help in prayer.  It is for this reason that trying to connect with the spiritual or astral realms is dangerous. Good entities will not speak with us because they know it is forbidden by God for us to seek them out.  The entities people encounter when initiating contact through seance, astral projection and travel, rituals, active lucid dreaming, drugs and so on are those that violate God’s command, and they are only seeking to lie to us and do us harm.  

Any true angelic creature on the side of God will state that Jesus Christ is God who has come in the flesh physically to earth, has died for the sin of mankind and risen to defeat death, hell, the grave, Satan and all those fallen and manufactured entities who are on his side.  Any entity which contacts a human to add to the Bible with another book, doctrine, a new, higher, additional or better knowledge - no matter how beautiful the entity or enticing the message - is against God. This is true even though it may look beautiful, have greater powers, speak beautiful words of enlightenment, give new technologies or promise a new stage of evolution. 


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