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Jesus Christ is the one and only solution to the unraveling breakdown of the physical and spiritual lives of each human being that has ever lived.  God is just, so He must punish sin.  God is loving, so He made a way so that our debt for our sins could be paid for us.  A person cannot go to heaven by being good or completing any list of rules, works, sacraments, lifestyle or path. Salvation is only obtained by God’s gift of grace, through the free-will choice of the believer in Christ. 

God the Father sent His Son Jesus to die in our place and pay our debt to God.  Because Jesus is fully God, He is perfect, and did not have to die for His own sins.  Because He is fully human, He could be the perfect substitute for humanity. God is gracious, so He gives the free gift of eternal life in heaven for those who want it - by calling out to God in prayer and faith and saying, “Yes!  I believe Jesus died for my sins and God has forgiven me!”  

After Jesus died and took our punishment on the cross 2,000 years ago, He came back to life and conquered death so that when He rose again, He had a perfect body that would never die again.  Jesus promised to one day return, and to give us a perfect body that lives forever too.  Jesus is the only way to a relationship with God.  He is the one Mediator between God and humanity, and we should not seek out any other entity to learn spiritual knowledge, enlightenment, salvation or a path to perfection.  Jesus is the only way to heaven. If we do seek other entities, we will encounter them, but they are evil. 


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