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• To explain the Seven Years Prophecy found in the book of Daniel in the Bible concerning the end of the current age


• To list and illustrate the events that are prophesied that will occur leading up to, during and after the coming Seven Years

• To inform of the numerous Biblical prophecies that have already been fulfilled in history to demonstrate that the Bible is true

• To urge to become educated about what could be coming in our lifetimes, and to watch for the signs

• To warn that our wrongs (sins) have consequences in our own lives, the world system, the earth and the universe, in history,

and the promised, guaranteed, and already foretold future 

• To share the good news that God sent Jesus to die for our sins, so that those who trust in Him, will be forgiven, have a personal

relationship with Him, and will spend the events of the eternity that is coming with Him in light, love and peace, instead of eternal darkness and punishment in hell.  Please pray and ask Him to forgive you and to be with you today, and He will!

• To encourage that God has promised to be with and help all who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ no matter what

may come in our own lives, in the future of our nations, in the future of the world, and during the end of the age

• To alert that we have enemies in the spiritual realm who will present themselves to us and to the world with lies and deception

in our own experiences and in their attempted plans to take over the world and defeat God

• To propose the argument and belief that part of the coming great deception of Satan, fallen angels and demons will be the lie

that aliens from other world seeded us here long ago and are returning to help humanity

• To bring light to the agenda that when the whole earth is in upheaval, the Bible says an evil deceitful man will rise to 'rescue'

the world order through a global government, economic system and religion, and will promise to humanity that if we swear allegiance to him by accepting an indicator, a 'mark', implanted in the hand or forehead, we will be able to buy and sell, and in essence - to survive.  This man is a liar, possessed by Satan, and he and his followers will spend eternity in the lake of fire.

• To rejoice that it is also foretold that Jesus will return at the end of the Seven Years and will defeat the evil world leader, Satan,

the false Prophet, fallen angels, demons and will return control of the earth to humanity under his benevolent Kingdom!

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