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Within the pages of scriptures there are descriptions of non-human creatures with a variety of appearances and abilities.  There are entities that appear human, but are able to appear and disappear at will.  There are beings that appear human but their beauty and radiance show them to be something else.  Some entities are described with reptilian features, wings, many eyes, many faces, chimera mash-ups.  There are many mentions of giants and even satyrs and manticores.

The Bible also speaks of beings produced by the fallen angels who appeared in ancient history, and who will return in the Seven Years before the second coming of Jesus.  Early in human history, there was an incursion of fallen angels to earth.  These creatures mated with human women and created a race of hybrid giant creatures.  Because of the influence of the fallen angels and the giants, humanity became evil and the earth was full of violence. God destroyed the earth with a world-wide flood, and all died except for Noah and his family.  The Bible states that the giants returned and were encountered by humanity on many occasions.  History and archaeology also attest to their existence.

The Bible speaks of giants and hybrid chimeras appearing on earth again during the 7 Year Tribulation.  Satan is the Prince of the Power of the Air, and he and his minions will cause all kinds of strange, fearful and deceitful things to occur during the 7 Years on land, sea and in the air.  They will tell humanity many lies about God, Jesus, humanity’s origin and history, and will be very successful in convincing humans to believe and follow them instead. 


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