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300 Prophecies

Over 300 prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus’ life when He came the first time 2,000 years ago. The Bible is both verifiable & supernatural.

The probability that even a very small number of these prophecies could be fulfilled is extremely low - to the point of absurdity and impossibility - unless the source could see into the future. God created time and space and exists outside of them. For this reason, He can easily tell us what is coming hundreds, and even thousands of years in advance. Information illustrating these probabilities can be found here:

Because the possibility of even a few of these prophecies coming true is so low, we have to conclude that their source is supernatural and that the source is trustworthy. And it only makes sense to expect that the prophecies that are promised to be fulfilled in the future, will come true as well. To find lists and explanations of future prophecies, click here:

The Bible has also be shown to be verifiable and supernatural through history, archaeology, science, logic and many other disciplines. Many have set out to prove it wrong, but in their research, have discovered quite the opposite - that there is overwhelming evidence to show that the Bible is true! To find books, videos, websites and other resources that compile this information, click here:

God didn't just provide us with all of this information so that He could 'wow' us with interesting information. He did it to show us that He knows the future, and that the promises He makes are trustworthy. The most important promise that God made to us is that He would send His Son Jesus to die in our place for our sins. He has promised that if we personally believe that Jesus is God, and that He will forgive us for our sins if we pray and ask Him, that He will guarantee that will will be with Him forever in peace after we die. For a more detailed explanation of what Jesus has done for you, please click here:

The following is a list of the over 300 prophecies that Jesus' fulfilled at His first coming. This list can be found at Dates have been added. You can find the original list in downloadable formats here:

300 Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus Christ

This list can be found at Dates have been added.


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