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What's This All About?

What’s going on? Is the world ending?

It’s been a rough couple of years. Many are asking what is truly happening and what we can expect for the future. You may have had a loved one or friend get sick or lost a job. You may be noticing that shortages are appearing everywhere and prices are going up dramatically. The economy hangs by a thread. The tensions between so many nations may have you wondering about the future of your family and your way of life. Everywhere you look, it seems that things are falling apart. Some try to stay upbeat saying that this will pass and everything will get back to normal soon. But a simple understanding of cause and effect in our interconnected world can only mean that, at the very least, rough waters are ahead.

But what if this is more than just a perfect storm of coincidences? What if there is actually an undercurrent, or perhaps competing undercurrents, driving this ship were all on?

The Bible is a book that describes the direction of humanity and planet Earth from the perspective of the progressive plans of God over time. He created humanity with free will to make our own choices, and at the same time, He is working to guide everything that is towards a final destination. But there are also forces at work that seek to change both the choices of individuals and our course as a whole.

The Bible claims supernatural origin, to have God as its ultimate source. Is there any way to show this to be true? Over 1/4 of the Bible is prophetic material. It forecasts the future from the perspective of each of the writers God used. One of the best measures of the supernatural origin of the Bible, and therefore the truth it asserts, is if what it foretells, actually comes to pass.

In Jesus' life alone, over 300 Prophecies in the Bible were fulfilled. A list of these can be found on this website in the Foundations Section. With this kind of track record, it only makes sense to be aware of what the Bible says about our individual lives, and what will happen when Jesus comes back in the future just like He promised.

Looking at the world today, it seems that Jesus’ return could be soon. Jesus gave many indicators of the season of His arrival. He also gave specific signs that would happen during the Seven Year period right before He appears. He told us these signs so that we could know what was going on in the world, that what He promised would come to pass just like He laid out, and ultimately, so that we could trust that no matter how rough the waters get, we can know without and doubt, that He will return and set the world strait in the end.

Throughout history, many have stated that their time was the time. And they were wrong. They had focused on the indicators of the season, which if taken generally, occur repeatedly throughout history. It looks like today, the seasonal warnings may be taking shape again. And this should alert us to wake up and be watching the world. But Jesus also gave very specific signs, that have never occurred. And He pointed to these as the true flashing lights that He is about to return to the planet. When the time truly arrives, it won’t just be the seasonal shifts that warn us to wake up. Every last little detail He foretold will come to pass. This is when humanity will know that the time has truly come.

2,000 years ago, when Jesus was on earth, His disciples came to Him and asked Him these very questions. “When will these things be? And what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?” (Matthew 24:3). Jesus' response to them is found in the Bible in Matthew 24-25, where He lays out a list of events that will occur before He comes back one day. This website is laid out according to the structure of His response in these chapters, as well as related writings found throughout the Bible, and contains color-coded Sections that correspond to each group of events. The Timelines Post that appears second in the list shows the overall order of events as described in different Bible books and how they relate to each other. It should be noted that for some events, the Bible gives a specific duration and order, so specific timelines have been given, while others are given more in reference to theme, or how they relate to other events or the individuals specifically involved.

The purpose of this website, is in part to make the events known and their general order, but even more importantly, to indicate why each group of events occur, and how they affect each of us personally, regardless of whether we face their unfolding ourselves. We may or may not personally live through the Seven Years on earth that bring this current age to an end, but every person who has ever lived will directly be a part of the events that follow them, so we need to understand how our choices today affect our destiny.

Organization of the Website

This website contains 8 Sections. The first two sections, Section 1: Foundations (Blue-Gray) and Section 2: Players (Yellow) give background information concerning the Bible, Prophecy, and the individuals involved such as God, Satan and Humankind who all take part in the unfolding of history. Knowledge of these topics and individuals is key to understanding what the Bible foretells to be coming during the final Seven Years before and during end of the age.

The final Section 8: The Alien Connection (Lime Green) describes how the 'alien' deception will be a part of these final events before Jesus returns.

Each Section is summarized briefly below. In addition, at the beginning of each Section of posts, there is a Section overview post that gives greater detail about that section. Individual events that occur during those specific Sections of the Seven Years are described in posts following each Section overview. A triangle with the color of the Section appears in the top right of each post indicating the section in which it belongs.

The Bible tells the history of God's creation of mankind and His relationship with us. Mankind sinned and broke that relationship and began a processes of unravelling relationships between people and God, people and people, people and the environment and on and on. But God has been working His plan throughout history to restore all of these relationships. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the God-Man, was necessary to restore humanity's relationship with God. His return will bring about the defeat of Satan and the fallen realm and restoration of everything in the universe to the original perfect and beautiful design of God! And Jesus Christ will be worshiped as Savior and King!

The Bible tells us about who God is, who we are, and who are enemies are. There is one God, who exists in three co-equal persons - God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit. The Father sent the Son into our time-space reality to take on human flesh so He could be a one-to-one perfect substitute for humanity when He died on the cross for our sins. When Jesus rose from the dead, He defeated death itself and offers forgiveness for sin and eternal life for everyone who trusts in Him. Satan, other fallen angels and demonic entities have been seeking for humanity to worship them instead from the time God created us. In the final Seven Years, there will be a final showdown that will end with Jesus' return to defeat Satan, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, fallen angels, demonic entities and anyone who aligns with them.

In Matthew 24-25, Jesus described events that would occur since His ascension, as well as, the final Seven Years leading up to His return and His return in glory. For the last 2,000 years there have been many wars, famines, pandemics and earthquakes. But there will be an intensity in all these events during the first half of the Seven Years that will lead to the death of 1/4 of the world's population. Jesus called this the 'Beginning of Birth Pangs' because, like a woman in labor, these waves of pain will become more intense and closer together over time as we approach the very end of the age and the final showdown culminating in the appearance of Christ on earth again. The Antichrist will confirm a covenant with Israel and will rise to power in the shadows during this time until he emerges to become the leader of a global government, economic system and world religion.

The Antichrist will be indwelt with Satan and break out on the world stage demanding the allegiance of all. He will break His covenant with Israel and will set himself up in their rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem asserting himself to be God. The world will have unravelled so much that he will offer everyone salvation of their economies, health and infrastructure in exchange for allegiance to him, through taking a 'mark' in their hand or forehead enabling them to buy and sell. Those who don't will be hunted, persecuted, enslaved and many will be murdered. He will especially hate Jews and Christians, and he will embark on a global genocide the likes of which the world has never seen. Jesus called this time period the 'Great Tribulation' of pain and sorrow likening it to the worst period of labor pains a woman experiences before a child is born. But then, Jesus will burst onto the scene to rescue His followers, Israel and the earth itself from the clutches of Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

Jesus will allow the suffering to go on for a time so that everyone will have a chance to choose either God or Satan, Jesus Christ or Antichrist, because once Jesus returns, the age will come to an end along with the opportunity to choose to trust in Jesus and receive eternal life. But Jesus will come after He has given a number of specific signs of His return. The Bible is clear that 'no man knows the day or the hour', but that specific signposts will be given that time is almost up. He will return one day and rescue His own. And the Bible is clear that many in Israel will see Him, and realize that Jesus was and is their Messiah, who came to die for them and for all humanity so that we could have an eternal relationship with God in His Kingdom of light, love, peace, goodness, beauty and justice. This offer is extended to everyone today, so it is best to not wait until the last moment to receive it, because no one knows when their last moment will come.

Jesus will return and execute judgment on the Antichrist who has usurped control and worship of the world for himself. Unfortunately, once a person has chosen to take his 'mark' of allegiance, they can never go back. At this point, they will have chosen the Antichrist over Jesus Christ, and Satan over God. Jesus will first unleash a series of Seven Trumpet Judgments on the Antichrist's Kingdom and the world. These will include great meteors and chimera monsters. These will not destroy everything, and those who have the seal of God, will be protected. Then will come the final Seven Bowls of Wrath that God will pour out on the Antichrist's Kingdom. Jesus will return and will destroy defeat the Antichrist, False Prophet and all aligned with them in the Battle of Armageddon, and He will throw them in the Lake of Fire. Satan himself will be chained for 1,000 years.

When Jesus returns, He will bring the armies of Heaven with Him to the earth - all believers who have died or been raptured. Those who served Jesus while on earth will receive rewards and responsibilities on earth during His reign. After defeating the Antichrist, Jesus will judge those left on the earth for how they treated Jews and Christians during the Antichrist's genocidal campaign. There will be a great awakening of Jews who will see Jesus and realize that He was their King who came 2,000 years ago, and they will turn to follow Him in faith. Those of the other nations who did not take the 'mark' and believe in Jesus will enter into the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth. Jesus will enter the Jewish Temple and He will be worshiped there as the presence of God on earth dwelling with His creation whom He loves, died for their sins and rose again to give them eternal life in a world of peace. At the end of 1,000 years, Satan will be released and, he will lead a final insurrection. Satan and those who join him, will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Jesus will form a New Heavens and New Earth of light, love, peace and truth that will last for all eternity.

There have been a group of subversives working against God since before mankind was created in God's image. They are the fallen angels and their hybrid 'progeny'. Led by their leader Lucifer, they have sought down through time to corrupt humanity and God's plan of redemption, and to gain worship for themselves. In an attempt to achieve their goal, they have lied to and seduced the human race, even to the point of genetic corruption. They have taught the lie that man evolved from lower life forms instead of being created in God's image.

But their ultimate deception will come when they convince humanity that they seeded us here on earth, and that they are actually our creators deserving our worship. Lucifer will not appear as a scary red horned monster, but a gloriously beautiful individual. The Antichrist, the ultimate Seed of Lucifer (Satan) will be accompanied by the miraculously convincing and seductive technology of both Satan and the False Prophet.

The 'mark' in the body that he will offer will promise to save the world from destruction and to produce eternal life apart from God. It will contain genetic manipulation to alter the human genome. Many believe his ultimate goal will be to change humankind into something else. Why? Because Jesus came and died as a substitute for humanity. If a human is no longer human, then they are no longer redeemable by God (Jesus Christ). He took on human flesh and died as the substitute for humanity, paying our sin-debt forever so that we can be forgiven. To take the 'mark of the beast' will mean to take spend eternity connected away from connection to God, but instead connected to Satan... in hell.

It has been noted by many that both the activities of 'aliens' in extracting sperm and ovum from abductees, as well as the push for trans-humanism with the alteration of the human genome, that Satan's final endgame to turn humanity into something other than human - who cannot be rescued and forgiven - is now underway. The 'mark' will specifically be something that is given on the hand or forehead that enables people to buy and sell, and it will be taking in willing worship of the Evil World Leader Antichrist. Current technologies and world-wide coercion is being used to quickly move us toward that day.


The Postcard

This website was originally an expansion of a postcard mailing that began in 2020. It was sent out to inform readers of the events the Bible discusses that will occur before the End of the Age. From looking at current events, it is clear that the world, and our lives, are in upheaval. Many have been wondering if these are the times the Bible foretold. The postcard, and this website, discuss these events, so that those interested can be informed about what might soon happen in the world. If you did not receive the postcard, or no longer have it, you can take a look at it in the About section at the top right of the website. Or click the link below.

The Overview

The About section is a good place to start to get the overall understanding of the goal of the postcard and website. It contains information about the core doctrines and Biblical beliefs behind this website, the Mission of the site, a note from the Author and a description about the War that we face in the spiritual realm. This will explain an overview of the connection with alien topics discussed in the site. The Resources page gives links to websites that discuss End Times Bible Prophecy, the details of the coming Seven Years, Current Events connected with prophecies, the Alien and Paranormal aspect of the End of the Age, Evidence that the Bible is true and websites concerning general Bible questions. Links to these sections are below.

The Seven Year Prophecy

After visiting topics in the About section, check out the discussion about the Seven Years. The Seven Years are the final period of time before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to earth. This section will help to explain where the Bible talks about this time period, the astounding nature of the parts of the total prophecy that have already occurred, and the timing of the remaining fulfillment of the prophecy. The Seven Years gives the main events and the skeleton of the time period. The details of the events are explained in the other posts on the website.

The Details Within the Seven Years

Next check out the Timelines: What's Coming? post. It will contain lists of the details of the various events that happen during the Seven Years. The Seven Years will shake up every area of life. Everything will be turned upside down from governments, to the environment, to the universe. Events will happen that people never thought would or could happen, and things will be seen and experienced that people have no frame of reference for. But it's important to know that the Bible saw it all coming, because God knows the future. Jesus told us to 'Watch' because we will not know exactly when He will return, but He wanted us to be aware of the events that lead up to His coming, so that we can be ready for Him, and trusting in Him when He appears. If you have not yet trusted in Jesus, please consider getting your relationship right with Him today. For information about how to do this, click below.

Other Important Prophecies

If you are interested in learning about the prophecies the Bible talks about that have already come true, check out the 300 Prophecies post which contains a list, and links to websites, that show the over 300 prophecies that were fulfilled at Jesus' first coming. The Bible is true. Jesus is who He said He is. He's God. He's the Creator. And He proved it by fulfilling everything prophesied about Him. He loves you, and He died for your sins. He wants to forgive you and for you to be with Him forever. There is also an explanation about an incredible prophecy made in Isaiah 53, 700 years before Jesus was on earth, detailing the events about his crucifixion. No one could have guessed these things ahead of time. Also, check out the Fig Tree Prophecy concerning possible timing of the Second Coming in relationship to important events connected with the Nation of Israel.

The Alien Connection

Many have asked why this website has two names. The first name, is connected to the idea that what the Bible says is coming for the end of the age might not be common knowledge in today's culture. This website is devoted to explaining some of those details and give resources where more information can be found. This website is also called because there is an element of the End Times that has received less focus until more recent years in Christian circles. This website acknowledges that people see and experience all kinds of unexplainable experiences including aliens, abduction, Big Foot, giants, the paranormal, astral projection and travel, the new age and the occult. These topics have very direct connection with the picture not only of the End Times, but also of our history as a planet. While acknowledging these different entities and experiences, the beliefs expressed here are not that there are aliens and other creatures visiting our planet who have simply evolved in other worlds and want to stop by to say 'hello'. Rather it is that they are demonic creatures who deceive humanity in service to Lucifer, and that they are a part of the coming great deception that the Bible discusses. Within the Resources section, you will find several excellent researchers on this topic.


Please take a look at the other posts within the website on the various events occurring in the Seven Years. These sections contain Snapshots of what will occur, scriptures describing the events in the Bible and some explanations. Information is being added to the sections weekly, and more topics will be posted as well. We can watch for changes in all of these areas of life to see if they are shaping up to what the Bible has described. Posts will also be added in the vein of knowing what to do in light of what's coming. If you take these ideas to heart, you will no doubt be asking what to do, how to combat fear, and what hope the Bible offers in knowing Jesus Christ by trusting in the promise of His return to set the world right ruling it in joy, hope, love, peace and justice. He is coming back, and good days are ahead, but He also promises peace and hope in light of whatever you are facing even today.


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