What's This All About?

The Postcard

This website is an expansion of a postcard mailing that began in 2020. It was sent out to inform readers of the events the Bible discusses that will occur before the End of the Age. From looking at current events, it is clear that the world, and our lives, are in upheaval. Many have been wondering if these are the times the Bible foretold. The postcard, and this website, discuss these events, so that those interested can be informed about what might soon happen in the world. If you did not receive the postcard, or no longer have it, you can take a look at it in the About section at the top right of the website. Or click the link below.

The Overview

The About section is a good place to start to get the overall understanding of the goal of the postcard and website. It contains information about the core doctrines and Biblical beliefs behind this website, the Mission of the site, a note from the Author and a description about the War that we face in the spiritual realm. This will explain an overview of the connection with alien topics discussed in the site. The Resources page gives links to websites that discuss End Times Bible Prophecy, the details of the coming Seven Years, Current Events connected with prophecies, the Alien and Paranormal aspect of the End of the Age, Evidence that the Bible is true and websites concerning general Bible questions. Links to these sections are below.

The Seven Year Prophecy

After visiting topics in the About section, check out the discussion about the Seven Years. The Seven Years are the final period of time before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to earth. This section will help to explain where the Bible talks about this time period, the astounding nature of the parts of the total prophecy that have already occurred, and the timing of the remaining fulfillment of the prophecy. The Seven Years gives the main events and the skeleton of the time period. The details of the events are explained in the other posts on the website.

The Details Within the Seven Years

Next check out the What's Coming? post. It will contain lists of the details of the various events that happen during the Seven Years. The Seven Years, also called the Tribulation period, will shake up every area of life. Everything will be turned upside down from governments, to the environment, to the universe. Events will happen that people never thought would or could happen, and things will be seen and experienced that people have no frame of reference for. But it's important to know that the Bible saw it all coming, because God knows the future. Jesus told us to 'Watch' because we will not know exactly when He will return, but He wanted us to be aware of the events that lead up to His coming, so that we can be ready for Him, and trusting in Him when He appears. If you have not yet trusted in Jesus, please consider getting your relationship right with Him today. For information about how to do this, click below.

Other Important Prophecies

If you are interested in learning about the prophecies the Bible talks about that have already come true, check out the 300 Prophecies post which contains a list, and links to websites, that show the over 300 prophecies that were fulfilled at Jesus' first coming. The Bible is true. Jesus is who He said He is. He's God. He's the Creator. And He proved it by fulfilling everything prophesied about Him. He loves you, and He died for your sins. He wants to forgive you and for you to be with Him forever. There is also an explanation about an incredible prophecy made 700 years before Jesus was on earth, detailing the events about his crucifixion. No one could have guessed these things ahead of time. Also, check out the Fig Tree Prophecy concerning possible timing of the Second Coming in relationship to important events connected with the Nation of Israel.

The Alien Connection

Many have asked why this website has two names. The first name, InCaseNoOneToldYou.com is connected to the idea that what the Bible says is coming for the end of the age might not be common knowledge in today's culture. This website is devoted to explaining some of those details and give resources where more information can be found. This website is also called AlienFaith.com because there is an element of the End Times that has received less focus until more recent years in Christian circles. This website acknowledges that people see and experience all kinds of unexplainable experiences including aliens, abduction, Big Foot, giants, the paranormal, astral projection and travel, the new age and the occult. These topics have very direct connection with the picture not only of the End Times, but also of our history as a planet. While acknowledging these different entities and experiences, the beliefs expressed here are not that there are aliens and other creatures visiting our planet who have simply evolved in other worlds and want to stop by to say 'hello'. Rather it is that they are demonic creatures who deceive humanity in service to Lucifer, and that they are a part of the coming great deception that the Bible discusses. Within the Resource section, you will find several excellent researchers on this topic.


Please take a look at the other posts within the website on the various events occurring in the Seven Years. These sections contain Snapshots of what will occur, scriptures describing the events in the Bible and some explanations. Information is being added to the sections weekly, and more topics will be posted as well. We can watch for changes in all of these areas of life to see if they are shaping up to what the Bible has described. Posts will also be added in the vein of knowing what to do in light of what's coming. If you take these ideas to heart, you will no doubt be asking what to do, how to combat fear, and what hope the Bible offers in knowing Jesus Christ by trusting in the promise of His return to set the world right ruling it in joy, hope, love, peace and justice. He is coming back, and good days are ahead, but He also promises peace and hope in light of whatever you are facing even today.