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The Blue Section 5 of the Signs and Rapture concerns the time frame when Jesus will cut short the Antichrist’s persecution with great signs in the heavens and His return for those who are ‘alive and survive’ before He begins to rain down His judgments on the earth in the Day of the Lord. The exact moment of this rescue is unknown and believers are told to be watching the signs Jesus gave to be ready and to know that He is coming.

During this rescue, those dead and alive who have trusted in Him will be snatched up before His wrath comes on those who have not believed and been forgiven. The Bible says that the wrath of God abides, or remains, on those who have not trusted in Jesus. Jesus took God’s wrath for the sins of the world when He died on the cross. He suffered God’s wrath so we wouldn’t have to ourselves. Accepting Jesus as one’s personal Savior from sin is a choice that forever removes God’s judgment from that person. Those who don’t accept this free gift of grace and mercy will have to suffer the judgments of God for themselves. Those who have not trusted in Christ when the judgment comes, will not be raptured, but will go through the Day of the Lord. He will come against the Antichrist, Satan, the False Prophet and their followers.

You will find several posts marked with the Blue Triangle following this Section 5 Overview page that will give details about the different events that will occur during the ‘Great Tribulation’ time frame. The full chart showing all events can be found in the “Start Here: What’s this all about?” and the “What’s Coming: Timelines” Posts found at the beginning - the very first posts on the website.


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