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The Seven Year timeline before Jesus' Second Coming contains numerous events. In His sermon about the End Times, Jesus broke down these events into groups, which have been color coded and divided for the organization of this website. He wanted humanity to know what was coming, so Jesus and His Apostles and Prophets gave lengthy explanations to watch. The awareness of these events comes with a warning that the fear of the world falling apart and the deception and panic to follow the false leader and his promises of security will only last for a short while. In the end, the Antichrist and his followers will be destroyed. While it may cost a person everything, even life itself, trusting in Jesus for eternal salvation, and rejecting the Antichrist's 'mark' of allegiance, will end with peace, joy and love in Jesus' Kingdom when He come to fix the world. The Antichrist will appear as a savior in the worst of times, but he is a deceiver, and will take all his followers with him to the pit of hell for eternity.

The orange section below is what Jesus called the "Beginning of Birth Pangs" which will occur during the first half of the Seven Year Period when the world will unravel into chaos, and the Antichrist will rise. You will find several posts marked with the Orange Triangle following this Section 3 Overview page that will give details about the different events that will occur during the 'Beginning of Birth Pangs' time frame. The full chart showing all events can be found in the "Start Here: What's this all about?" and the "What's Coming: Timelines" Posts found at the beginning - the very first posts on the website.


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