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The Seven Year timeline before Jesus’ Second Coming contains numerous events. In His sermon about the End Times, Jesus broke down these events into groups, which have been color coded and divided for the organization of this website. He wanted humanity to know what was coming, so Jesus and His Apostles and Prophets gave lengthy explanations to watch.

The green section below is what Jesus called the “Great Tribulation” which will begin at the mid-point of the Seven Year Period will occur when Satan is throw from heaven and will begin his final rampage on earth by empowering the Antichrist to destroy humanity through deception or execution. He will set up an idol of himself to be worshiped by the world. The Bible calls this the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ and it will be one of the greatest signs to those watching that the final 3.5 years before Jesus’ return has begun. People will be forced to choose to take the Antichrist’s ‘mark’ of allegiance and live in the short term, or to refuse the mark, and be persecuted and possibly be killed. But to choose Jesus will result in eternal life forever regardless of how this life ends. Jesus said, “What does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul...” Jesus will return and stop this persecution for the sake of humanity, and even moreso, for those who love Him.

You will find several posts marked with the Green Triangle following this Section 4 Overview page that will give details about the different events that will occur during the ‘Great Tribulation’ time frame. The full chart showing all events can be found in the “Start Here: What’s this all about?” and the “What’s Coming: Timelines” Posts found at the beginning - the very first posts on the website.


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