God's Promises to Humans

The Bible is a collection of communications, histories, letters, prophecies and teachings that were written over a 1,600 year time frame. They discuss the overall time period starting at the time when God created everything until 95 AD, but the prophecies contained within reach into the eternal future.

What has happened throughout the course of human history is not simply a product of random accidents and happenstance. God did not create everything and then just sit back and watch what would happen. He created humanity with free will, but at the same time, He is working to guide people and everything that is toward a final destination.

God is omnipresent, meaning He is everywhere at all times, and is in all times. He is omniscient, meaning that He knows everything that was, that is and that will happen in the future. He is the great I AM. The ever existing one. He exists apart from everything that is, including time and space and the dimensions that we cannot perceive apart from and understanding of theoretical physics and divine intervention. All of these factors are working together, so that God can and does interact with His creation in the past, present and future. He knows what's coming. And because He's loves us, and wants a personal relationship with each of us, He tells us what is coming, not simply so that we can know the future, but to give us every opportunity to make choices about our lives.

The most important decision that we have to make concerns our eternal destiny, and that is what this entire website is about. God has interacted with humanity directly over the ages and has made covenants and agreements with different people and different groups for different purposes. It has been a progressive process towards a designated end. But make no mistake, He is guiding it all to come to its final destination, just like each of our own current lives on earth will one day come to an end. God has made promises to humanity, and whether you know it or not, He has made promises to you.

The following will discuss the covenant promises God has made to groups and individuals throughout the Bible, and how they affect every person on the the planet.

The Adamic Covenant

God created the first man, Adam, in His image, out of the dust of the earth, and breathed life into his body. He created the first woman, Eve, from Adam's side so they could work together to populate the planet Earth and take care of it. They were created in perfection and they walked and talked with their Creator. He was their friend. This is our identity and purpose. To have a relationship with God, to love and worship Him, to have relationships with one another that are good and to caretake the planet and all its inhabitants in ways that are good, right, just, pure and and beautiful.

But Adam and Eve were tempted by the fallen angel, Satan, and they chose to sin - they did wrong - and this broke the perfection they were created in. This sin had innumerable consequences, because everything God created in its perfection has its source in Him. Sin, wrong, evil severs that connection. God had to send Adam and Eve away from His presence. It caused a separation in the relationship they had with God. It brought division in their relationship with each other. Everything that was created in perfect harmony began to unravel, and the story of humanity has been perpetual sin, dysfunction, abuse, neglect and heartache. Sin exists in each of our own lives.

As a consequence of this severing, the earth that man was entrusted with was cursed and became difficult to work and take care of. The functions of biology, our own bodies, began to struggle and die, and the process of populating the earth became painful, along with the difficulty of maintaining relationships with one another. The identity and purpose God created for mankind became difficult, confused and lost. Most of all, mankind's sin separated Adam and Eve from having a relationship with God, and our own sins separate each of us from having a relationship with God. Make no mistake, there is still a great deal of beauty in the world, and in each of us, because God created us. But the perfection that everything was intended to have, and our relationship with Him, has been broken.

But God made promises to Adam and Eve to make a way to restore everything - the relationship of humanity with God, people with each other and people with the planet. All things will one day be restored and made brand new. And He made a promise to Satan, that he would defeat him in the end and destroy his attempts to usurp humanity's worship and the dominion of earth for himself.

God promised to send a Child through the line of Adam and Eve. A Human, who would also be God's Son, to reconcile all that had been broken and defeat Satan, and his offspring, in the end. This Child is Jesus. Jesus had to be human so that He could serve as a sacrifice for humanity, and die in our place for our sins. He had to be God, so that He would be sinless and perfect and would not have to die for His own sins. This is God's plan to save humanity. God is just and must punish sin. This punishment is eternal separation from God in hell - a place God never wanted us to go - a place for Satan and his fallen angel cohorts. But God did not want this separation to happen, so He sent Jesus to serve the death sentence for us. This way God's justice could be satisfied and His love and grace could be offered to each of us.

This battle with sin has been raging all around us, and within each of us, for thousands of years. But some day, as God has promised, it will all come to and end. At the end of the age, before Jesus returns, the consequences of every design that God has set in place, will be corrupted to its fullest extent. This includes a scheme of Satan, that he has been developing and enacting for years, to corrupt the very genetics of mankind so that we are no longer human, are no longer representations of God. Satan's design ultimately, is to change the biology of humans at our smallest, most fundamental level - our genetics - so that we are no longer human, and therefore Jesus's death and resurrection, His payment for our sins, won't apply to us. Jesus was the substitute who died for humanity, not human/angel hybrids.

The Noahic Covenant

Over time, through several centuries after Adam and Eve's fall, the population of the earth grew and so did their sins. Mankind made more and more sinful choices, and suffering and division exploded. Satan devised increasingly cunning ways to deceive people into worshiping him. False religions were born worshiping other 'gods' who were in fact, fallen angels and demonic entities. Other fallen angels joined Satan in his mission of usurpation and destruction of what God had made.

A group of fallen angels decided to corrupt not only people's worship, thoughts and choices, but humankind's very genetics. They did not want people to have their origin in the Creator God. They wanted people to be created in their image. So they left their domain in heaven, came to earth and had sex with human women creating hybrid Giant Nephilim offspring of their own. And they did not stop with humanity, they also set about to corrupt the genetics of animal and plants as well. The earth became corrupted in thoughts, actions, choices and genetics to the point that only Noah and his family were both genetically pure at a biological level, and judicially pure in their choice to follow God in faith.

God sent a worldwide flood to destroy everything that had been corrupted down to the level of the building blocks of life. But He saved Noah and his family and genetically animals in an Ark to escape the flood waters. After 40 days, the waters receded and a cleansed earth was re-born.

God made a promise to Noah, to never flood the earth again. And He established the concept of human government to hold back the proliferation of sin and its consequences throughout the earth. Government to this day still sometimes serves this purpose, though it has also been corrupted on every level as mankind has used it to control and enslave, rather than to set free. And Satan, fallen angels, demons and entities have worked behind the scenes to direct human governments where they would like them to go.

At the end of the age, before Jesus returns, the consequences of every check and balance that God has set in place, will be corrupted to its fullest extent. The governments of the world, rather than protect humanity, will give their power over to Satan, his puppet the Antichrist and the worldwide religious leader, the False Prophet. They will have fully corrupted this institution that God created to serve and protect humanity.

Additionally, they will again corrupt the genetics of humanity to the fullest extent that they can, so as to prevent people from being reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ. They will do this through the 'mark' of the beast, that will be inserted into the hand or forehead of people who give the Antichrist and Satan their allegiance. This mark will give these people the ability to link into the global financial system. It will be a biological agent that will give people a physical reaction as their bodies try to reject this foreign material being placed inside them. This decision to take the 'mark of the beast' will be consciously made as a rejection of Jesus Christ and eternal salvation, in favor of the Satanically possessed Antichrist, who will offer temporary survival. The 'alien' agenda, the sexual experimentation on humans who are abducted, has been part of their attempts to bring this final science into fruition, to corrupt the human genome damning us to hell, and to usurp worship for themselves.

The Abrahamic Covenant

God told mankind to spread out, but as the population increased, people still stayed together and they devised a plan. Nimrod, who himself 'began to became a gibborim', (a giant connected with the fallen angel hybrid progeny), built cities and a tower. This ziggurat, like the many built around the world, were built to reach to the heavens. The fallen angels had descended to earth on Mt. Hermon, and throughout the earth since that time, people have gone to mountain tops, or built mountains themselves, so they could reconnect with the fallen angels. So God stopped the building of the Tower of Babel and disrupted the languages of people, forcing them to spread out and form groups. Had they succeeded in bringing the fallen angels down again to mix with humanity as a whole, people's genetics again would be under threat of hybridization and corruption, and would be set once again on a path of being un-redeemable by God.

After God divided the nations, He then chose a family line, through which He would bring Jesus Christ into the world to save humanity from judgment and destruction. God made promises to Abraham, that He reiterated to his son Isaac, his grandson Jacob (Israel) and his twelve sons who would go on to become the nation of Israel through their family tree. He promised them a land, a seed (descendants) and a blessing through Whom the whole earth would be blessed. This blessing was and is Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world, rose again defeating death and hell for those who trust in Him, who ascended to heave for a time, but will return to earth to defeat Satan and all his schemes setting the whole earth back to a place of justice, peace and goodness again. Through these promises that God gave to Abraham, and ultimately the nation of Israel, God gave them an identity promised to preserve them so that Jesus would be born to complete this ultimate mission.

Much of the Hebrew Scriptures contain the history of Israel, and how God preserved them down through time, even during great persecution, suffering and captivity, and their own disobedience. Satan attempted through many foreign kings and kingdoms to destroy them with wars and genocidal campaigns so that Jesus would not be born and save the world. But they were never destroyed as a people. God has always had a remnant of faithful followers whom He rescued, just as He promised that He would.

Even after Jesus was born, God has preserved the nation of Israel. His promises to Abraham were unconditional and unilateral, meaning that they were based on God's faithful character and power to keep His promises. Even though many in Israel were a part of the action that killed Jesus, His followers, a small band of brothers and sisters believed in Him and began took take the message to the world. There have always been Christians of Jewish descent, a preserved remnant, though most do not follow Jesus as their Messiah today.

During the final Seven Years before Jesus Second Coming, Satan will attempt to destroy all the family of Israel and all the Christians through a genocidal campaign against them. Anyone who does not take the 'mark of the beast' will be hunted. But God will preserve those Jews who see the sign of the Antichrist, the Abomination of Desolation, and they will flee to a place where He will protect them until He comes to defeat the Antichrist at the battle of Armageddon. These people of Israel will be physically saved from annihilation and will enter into the physical land of Israel as their inheritance forever just as God had promised their ancestors thousands of years earlier, realizing that Jesus is their true Savior and King.

When God divided the nations, He did so that those nations would form groups and make their own decisions. This action helped to keep peoples from once again coming together and following Satan's schemes as a whole as they did at the Tower of Babel. At the end of the age, the whole world will come under global governance again. National lines will be erased, and Satan, the Antichrist, False Prophet, fallen angels, demons and 'entities' will gain control of all nations gathered again into One World Under Satan. But God will preserve a remnant in Israel, and many of other nations throughout the world who do not take the 'mark of the beast' during the final Seven Years. These people will get to live in a world governed by King Jesus when He comes to defeat His enemies and set up His Kingdom for 1,000 years.

The Mosaic Covenant

Along with the identity of a people and a land, God gave Israel a Law. This Law governed their moral, civil and ceremonial actions, and set them apart from the other nations of the world. He gave it as another parameter to curb the sinful heart of people and preserve truth in the world. This covenant was bi-lateral and required the cooperation of the people. It also came with a list of blessings and cursings. As long as the people lived according to the Law that was meant for their protection and purity, they would have peace and prosperity. When they did not, and lived in the sins of the nations around them, even to the point of worshiping their gods who were fallen angel and demonic entities, then they would lose their protection and prosperity. Again and again, when they disobeyed the Law, they were attacked and captured by foreign nations - often being carried off out of their land that God had given them.

But the Law could not make them pure. It could set boundaries on their choices, thoughts and behaviors, but it could not cure sinful hearts. The same is true of the laws for other nations. They set boundaries and parameters and to some degree to keep societies under control, though they can be used for evil and subjugation as well.

During the final Seven Years before Jesus' Second Coming, the world will completely unravel and lawlessness will abound in every nation.