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Aliens of History

Many have seen the popular shows about aliens in history, where the viewers are taken to mysterious places with mysterious histories and artifacts all over the world. There they discover that things aren’t always what they seem, and begin to wonder if the history we think we know is what we’ve always been taught. For this, these shows are admirable in that they challenge the status quo, and are willing to put forth other ideas about other possibilities in our past. Any good researcher finds it imperative to look at evidences that don’t fit into the norm, and to try to deal with them. And when it comes to ancient history, none of us were there, so it’s a puzzle we have to re-work with each new piece that presents itself as it is discovered.

Such programs are interesting in that they come from a perspective that both assumes a status quo that we’ve all been taught to believe, and then attempt to use new and unusual finds (also known as OOPs or ‘out of place artifacts’) to build upon a foundation that has been ingrained in our minds. But what if the OOPs actually challenge the foundation as well, rather than just building upon it?

In recent years, the concept that the natural world shows evidence of outside direction has gained popularity. Some have suggested that perhaps the design seen in living things originated from those who came before us. It’s an idea known as ancient astronaut theory or in other words ancient aliens. Other lifeforms, from other worlds or dimensions, seeded life on planet earth long ago which began the long course of evolutionary processes.

These are theories of the past, which cannot be proven by the Scientific Process that we all learned in school, because it requires that experiments be both observable and repeatable to be shown as truth. For this reason, no theory about the past can be proven. It's simply impossible. There is no guarantee that what we observe in the world today are the same conditions and processes that occurred in the past. We cannot jump in a time machine to go back and watch what occurred. Therefore there is no way to repeat conditions and processes that we have not personally observed. This does not mean science is of no value, only that it alone cannot be the only measure we should use to create our theory of the past.

A broader study rightly brings in other types of disciplines to build upon the scientific theory of origins of life that many have put their faith in. They will go to other parts of the world and look at archaeological finds, the histories and legends of people groups and strange anomalies to bring more context to the questions like ‘Where did I come from?’, ‘Where am I going?’ or ‘Is there a purpose to my existence?” Ancient writings, drawings and artifacts can and do bring more depth to the understanding of these questions. But is ancient astronaut theory, built upon a traditional evolutionary theory, the only way to put all the scientific and historical pieces together? And what place do our personal experiences in spiritual or esoteric realms play? How do these things affect what we believe about humanity’s past, present and future? Are there other theories that account for all the pieces we discover?

We have to always ask ourselves honestly if what we have been presented as theory or even fact comes from a place of benevolence or malevolence. Even a cursory reading of history will show that those who control society always have an agenda. Information is always being hidden. And those in control will always skew the information we are shown so that those under control will look at the world from a particular vantage point.

Is it impossible to know what is true, or what was true? It is not as though science, history and personal experience have no value. They have tremendous value. But maybe there’s another way to put all the pieces together, the history that the Bible tells, and it is the linchpin of fulfilled prophecy that seals the deal of the truth of humanity's past.


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